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Film Review – American Hustle

All art is basically a con, and no movie this year seems to articulate that more than American Hustle. The opening sequence is that of Irving (Christian Bale) carefully placing his toupee and throughout the film the camera movements pay close attention to period detail and very revealing clothing (American Cleavage). This attention to the aesthetic of the actors and the style of the film is ultimately where American Hustle’s ultimate focus lies, to the detriment of other aspects.» >

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Review: Lego The Lord of the Rings

Author: Gabrielle Linnett

Lego is something that most people will recognise as building blocks, providing hours of fun, either alone or with others. However the joy does not have to end when you have lost all of the little pieces somewhere in the cupboard under the stairs. Gamers are also able to enjoy the franchise, with similar perks, all from their games console. Lego games have a standardised designed and expectation; Lego Lord of the Rings is no exception.» >

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Review: Batman Arkham Origins

Author: Elliott Bear

Batman: Arkham Origins is the latest instalment in the Arkham series of videogames; serving as a prequel to the critical acclaimed Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games, Origins offers gamers the biggest Batman game to date.

Set in Gotham City on Christmas Eve, a young, less experienced Batman is on a mission to track down mob-boss Black Mask, who has put a $50,000,000 bounty on his head, attracting the attention of 8 deadly assassins.» >

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One small step for Spark* editor

 This week we interviewed Jack Marshall, Physical Geography student and self-published author of When the World Ends… He gives us an insight into the world of publishing and juggling a writing career with a degree. The first installment of the trilogy is now available to dowload or to purchase online.

Could you give a brief outline of the storyline (without giving too much away) for those who have not read the book?» >

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Phantom of the Opera!

Phantom of the Opera is a classic musical. One that has been in the West End forever, and probably will stay there forever more.  And now I have finally seen it, it is easy to see why. Apart from having heard of a few of the songs, I knew very little about this musical before this evening. I hadn’t seen the film or even googled the plot or anything. And I wasn’t even that sure I would like it.» >

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Ticket To Ride

Author: Gabrielle Linnett

As an online adaptation of a train themed board game, Ticket to Ride runs the risk of feeling out of place amongst other games; however it succeeds in blending the two formats to form an enjoyable and simple experience.

It is a game based on the single goal of attaining the most points, by claiming rail tracks to connect the destinations on your tickets and by forming the longest route.» >

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Film Review – Nebraska

The arrival of Nebraska in cinemas roughly marks the start of this year’s Oscar season, it having been touted as a contender for major awards – particularly Best Actor following Bruce Dern’s victory at Cannes this summer. It’s a time of year that brings as much trepidation as it does excitement, with every innovative and powerful film being matched by another equally sentimental and manipulative. Whether Nebraska itself is ‘Oscar-bait’ at all is arguable, as any significant haul of awards would come as a surprise, but given director Alexander Payne’s track record at the Academy Awards (Payne having won awards for the screenplays of his last two films) to say the film is a complete outsider, would be unfair.» >

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