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The best foods for your mental health

Photo by Miranda Fritz on Unsplash

Finding ways to boost your mental health can be difficult. When university is incredibly stressful, I know that when things get tough it can feel like even the smallest thing to boost your mental health can be perceived as too much effort. However, one of the easiest things you can do to boost your mental health whether you’re feeling anxious or depressed for example, is to eat foods which contain natural nutrients and chemicals which can boost your brain chemistry.» >

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Sunday Evening Self-Care

What better day of the week is there to take some time out for some self-care than a Sunday?  

My favourite thing to do self-care wise is have a relaxing evening to myself utilising my favourite hair, skin and nail products 

I am more of a morning shower person; however, I love a long hot shower in the evening on a Sunday. To wash my hair, I am loving the Bioderma Nodé Shampooing Fluide’ shampoo. » >

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£56 for Tarte Makeup Worth Around £160?

Tarte is a high-end makeup brand whose prices aren’t really tailored to a student budget. Their products really are luxurious, ethical, and high-quality. However, twice a year you can get 7 of their products at high-street prices which are shipped for free from America– great for your student budget!  

For £56, I was able to get 7 of Tarte’s best-selling products averaging at £8 each.  

The 7 products I chose were: 

I chose Tarte’s Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation’, which retails at £33. » >

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Valentine’s Day Skincare Prep

Getting ready for a Valentine’s day date is like a fun nightmare. There’s picking a cute outfit, doing your makeup and making your skin look the best it can be. Some skincare products that I’ve been trying recently are perfect for getting ready for Valentine’s day.

In the shower, I’ve been loving the ‘Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil’ (gifted) which costs only £10.85 (RRP £14.50) –  an amazing price for 1000ml worth of product.» >

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Asda Photo

This Valentine’s day why not surprise a loved one in your family with a personalised gift that lasts a lifetime. Valentine’s day is all about love, but it doesn’t have to be romantic- I love to celebrate it with my family too!

Asda Photo offer a stunning range of Valentine’s day gift options, which are perfect if you want to treat your loved ones at an affordable price. From small treats like a personalised card (£1.90) or a mug (£8.00), to a snuggly photo blanket for the sofa (from £28.00), Asda Photo has it all.» >

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The Sunniest Part of the UK: Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is a stunning British Overseas Territory situated on the south coast of Spain. It’s over a thousand miles away from England, making it a spectacular tourist destination (and home) to the British.

Home to the Barbary macaques, Gibraltar has some impressive wildlife. These apes live on top of the Rock of Gibraltar, a famous 426-meter-high limestone rock which rises out of the sea. The rock is an incredible tourist attraction.» >

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Beauty and Skincare Hacks

  1. When you’re travelling: 

When travelling, I always feel like I forget something in my makeup bag. Usually it’s not an essential product for me, such as mascara, howeversometimes I seem to forget my favourite eyeshadow palette. If you’ve forgotten your eyeshadow palette but have remembered the brushes, you can use bronzer and highlighter as eyeshadow. Use the bronzer in your crease to add definition, colour, and depth, then use the highlighter on your eyelid to create a shimmery glow.» >

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